Sunday, January 20, 2013

Laser Hair Removal by Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics

The latest and greatest laser hair removal technologies and procedures are available at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, laser hair removal was the third most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure in 2010. Given the growing ethnic diversity of U.S. population, safe and effective treatments for all skin types has become the driving force behind the recent advance in technology which has created the Elite MPX by Cynosure.

Client Satisfaction reviews indicate Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is a premier facial rejuvenation and skin care facility in greater New York and Suffolk and Nassau counties. Founded in 2007, Perfect Body has built a strong reputation by specializing in non-surgical face lifts and non-surgical tummy tucks, both non-invasive. Perfect Body has extensive experience in various laser and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal.

After extensive research of available technologies for laser hair removal and eliminating many manufacturers who falsely claimed various advantages, Perfect Body is proud to announce the offering of the Elite MPX by Cynosure to its culturally diverse clientele for laser hair removal at Perfect Body in Bay Shore, NY. Elite MPX Aesthetic Workstation is the most innovative, advanced and complete skin treatment platform with safety, effectiveness and versatility unmatched by any other laser on the market today.

Cynosure's Elite MPX Aesthetic Workstation is the state-of-the-Art in its class, and by using the powerful MultiPlex technology, the device is recognized for its safety, comfort, versatility, and effectiveness in eliminating fine or coarse hair on all skin types and treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne scars, brown spots, sun-damaged skin, spider veins, rosacea, and of course, unwanted body and facial hair.

Hair removal lasers of earlier generations used a single wavelength where only a small area and a small range of skin conditions were treatable. However, with the Elite MPX and its MultiPlex technology, the system has the unique ability to use either "Gold Standard" Laser hair removal wavelengths, the alexandrite or the Nd:YAG alone or in Cynosure's exclusive and proprietary "Multiplex" sequential firing pattern which enables the revolutionary Elite MPX treatment of the full spectrum of skin colors regardless of ethnicity as well as greatly improving the ability to treat finer hair on dark skin, making it a great fit for Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics in Suffolk County NY, which provides only the most effective and well tested technology for full range of their clients' cosmetic needs.

The Elite MPX not only treats a full range of spot sizes, but it's pulse durations, combined with delicately balanced wavelengths allow Nurses and Aestheticians to customize treatments for each client. Elite MPX can also be used in microsecond mode to reduce pore size, acne scars and dermis pigmentation. The larger, 18 mm spot size, enables deeper and stronger penetration of energy resulting in less discomfort and more effective results. Given the advanced and versatile technology at Perfect Body Laser, the Elite MPX Aesthetic Workstation has a broad range of applications. including:

1. The most comprehensive range of permanent hair reduction applications available today on all skin types and tanned skin.

2. Treatment of facial and leg "spider veins" or telangiectasias

3. Treatment of pigmented lesions or lentigenes such as brown spots, freckles, dyschromias, and Roseacea.

4. Treatment of sun-damaged or photo-aged skin with laser facial or IPL photo facial.

5. Treatment of facial skin laxity and texture irregularity.

6. Treatment of stretch marks.

7. Treatment of acne scars.

Another key advantage of getting laser hair removal at Perfect Body Laser is their integrated air-cooling technology. In contrast to contact cooling, air-cooling protects the skin by delivering lower temperature and properly cooling the skin before and after the pulse. This method of controlled cooling allows for more comfort, better healing of the treated skin and is believed to reduce skin irritations such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which can be aggravating to the client.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics recognizes the many advantages and benefits to laser hair removal, and they are proud to offer the most advanced laser technology for hair removal on the market to their clientele.

If you are interested in learning more about the Elite MPX system and laser hair removal, you are encouraged to contact the Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics to arrange a complementary, private consultation.

To reach Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics, please call (631) 328-1100 or visit us online at

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Offers Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound

Newest Technology: Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound, now available at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics on Long Island; outshines Laser for Non Surgical, Non Invasive, Painless BodySsculpting & Fat Loss.

This NEW non surgical, non invasive weight-loss device is the Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation. Practitioners are moving from the Zerona Laser to Ultrasound Cavitation to get their clients 1-4 inches of fat loss in a few 30-minute treatments.

“WOW!!!”, is what every patient is saying after their first 30-minute session with the Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation Machine.

After watching body sculpting over the last 15 years, distributors are moving from Zerona Laser to Ultrasound Cavitation for the latest and best technology for non-surgical weight loss.  Dr. Probst, a Board Certified Medical Consultant for Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics, says, "It's the closest you can get to liposuction results without surgery, and the results are simply amazing; Perfect Body has clients scheduled out weeks to use it."

Dr. Probst became involved in the non-invasive body sculpting and Laser technology in 2007. Until now, it appeared typical Laser was the only answer to those who simply didn't want to do a surgical procedure to lose those extra unwanted inches.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics, located in Bay Shore NY was introduced to Cavi-Lipo Ultrasound by a leading manufacturer in the health and diet industry and has now brought that to their tremendous client base.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Experts in Body Sculpting is using this new found technology to complement its fleet of FDA Approved Laser technology to enhance results for clients who are fighting the “Battle of the Bulge”.

Watch this video to see how this new technology is the closest you can get to liposuction without any pain, discomfort or down time in as little as 30 minutes:

Ultrasound Cavitation goes directly onto the skin and works into the fat layer vibrating the fat cells at such a high frequency that you actually break up and destroy the fat cells along with liquifying the fat so that the fat and the cell is removed by the body's natural lymphatic system. The fat cell is completely destroyed and gone forever.

Perfect Body uses Cavi-Lipo to work specifically on target areas like the stomach, arms, chin, thigh, back fat and even the neck. At Perfect Body Laser, the clients reported seeing results each session through this Ultrasound technology, and were excited to see the results of their body's slimming process progressing very quickly. The technology at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics allows the Certified Nurses and Aestheticians to tighten and tone areas, keeping people looking younger and slimmer. The amount of sessions needed is dependent on the clients specific needs and desired outcome. Some clients at Perfect Body Laser have lost up to 8 inches with Cavi-Lipo alone!

Perfect Body Laser and aesthetics in Bay Shore, NY is now offering FREE Consultations for clients who are ready to look and feel better through Cavi-Lipo and its other FDA Approved Technologies.

Cavi-Lipo consultations are available at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics, located at: 1150 Sunrise Highway, Bay Shore, NY 11706.

Anyone looking for more information, please call (631) 328-1100 to book a FREE, discreet Consultation to find out which options are right for you.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Liposuction Alternative is a Major Success on Long Island

Locally owned Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics announced today that it will be offering the newest FDA-cleared liposuction alternative effective December 1, 2012 to its clients after having 4 months of incredible success in its trial phase at Perfect Body. Company officials are expected to meet with Cavi-Lipo officials later this month to discuss benefits and treatment packages, exclusive to Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetic clients.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetic officials expect this technology to improve its client confidence and widen its already tremendous 17,000+ client base. In addition to Cavitation Lipolysis (Safe Ultrasound), Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics can now offer Perfect Body’s already popular list of FDA Approved non-surgical, laser and skin Services in conjunction with Cavi-Lipo Technology to maximize Circumrencial reduction (fat reduction).

More information is expected to be released following the Solta Medical Black Diamond Award Ceremony for 2013. 

About Ultrasonic Cavi-Lipo

Cavitation could be also defined as "liposuction without liposuction". In fact, unlike liposuction, cavitation does not require the use of suction cannulas, anesthesia or other surgical procedures, as it can dissolve and remove unwanted fat found in the fat cells by using ultrasound waves focalized on low frequency which produces microscopic bubbles that break the membranes of adipocytes (fat cells), without affecting other adjacent structures, respecting the integrity of circulatory and lymphatic system. In short this technology destroys fat cells non-invasively.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics on Cavi-Lipo

A Director at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics was quoted as saying “the fact that people can lose inches off their waist in a few sessions, non-invasively, has everyone exited”.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics opened its first facility in Bay Shore, NY in 2007 and is the leading authority in non-surgical laser skin care. They are well known for their non-invasive laser services such as Thermage CPT Skin tightening, tattoo removal, hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser stretch mark removal, acne removal, scar removal, sun damage removal and the non-surgical, non-invasive tummy-tuck and face/neck lift. They also offer 0% financing with little or no money down.

Perfect Body will uphold its continued commitment of achieving results and Client Satisfaction. The company also intends to expand through its newest FDA Cleared Cavi-Lipo Services. For more information, please visit


To learn more about this technology, or to book a free, discreet Consultation, please contact:

Jemima Mirianda, General Manager-Client Relations
Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics
1150 Sunrise Highway Bay Shore, NY 11706
Office: (631) 328-1100


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Says Competition is Healthy

Increased competition in the local Laser and Aesthetics Industry should be carefully monitored, according to the operator of a top rated laser hair removal, skin tightening and cosmetic laser facility, "Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics".

With six years of experience and excellence in the Industry, Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics has become the Industry’s standard for safe, effective, award-winning Skin Care treatments in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. “Competitors have come and gone, mainly due to terrible customer service, incompetent and transient staff, and lack of capable technology”, says long time Perfect Body Aesthetician, Kelly Smith.

"Laser places come and go," says Ms. Smith, "but when there are more choices the consumers are more serious about whom they select to have their non-surgical face-lifting Treatments done. Our competition actually helps us when clients do the comparison! We try harder to get perfection with each Laser Skin Treatment. We work with the best equipment. That gives our customers confidence, we get referrals and sales go up."

In recent years, the number of “Medical Spas” in the New York area has risen exponentially. Experts believe this trend will wind down as the consumers are doing more and more research to find the establishments which have stood the test of time.

Perfect Body Laser is the only non-surgical laser facility in New York to be awarded the Prestigious Black Diamond Award every year, from 2008-2013, consecutively from Solta Medical. They also have several national skin care coalition affiliations and memberships.

Ms. Smith confidently stated “If you want real results from real professionals that use cutting edge technology, people know to come here, to Perfect Body”.

"Non-Surgical is where it’s at these days. Whether it is for face-lifting, tattoo removal, neck-lifting, scar removal, acne removal, body reshaping, laser hair removal or even just some skin rejuvenation, people come to us because we go the extra mile so the client is never disappointed and they always come back."

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics has its flagship location at 1150 Sunrise Highway in Bay Shore NY.  The facility is open Monday-Friday from 10am-9pm, and on Saturdays from 9am-6pm, for free consultations and the best laser services.


Jemima Miranda
Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics
1150 Sunrise Highway
Bay Shore, NY 11706

*Lorna Luineski contributed to this story