Friday, August 28, 2015

Rosacea Removal at Perfect Body

Rosacea is a chronic and potentially life-disruptive disorder, primarily of the facial skin, often characterized by flare-ups and remissions. Many have observed that it typically begins after age 30 as a sporadic redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead.

This skin disorder can cause self-consciousness and embarrassment, which can lead to low self-esteem and a reluctance to be seen in public.

Flare-ups of rosacea can be triggered by several factors, including stress, weather conditions, and certain foods and chemicals. But the sooner you treat it, the less chance it will become more severe.

Rosacea laser treatment significantly lessens signs and symptoms and prevents them from worsening.

The laser emission wavelength of the light shrinks the blood vessels just below the skin, where the redness and swelling originates. Rosacea laser treatment reduces swelling and unsightly redness. Some studies have demonstrated that laser treatments can clear up acne-like pimples associated with rosacea.

At Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics we use non-invasive techniques which are precisely tailored to meet a client's specific needs and desires. WE DO NOT HAVE A ONE-SIZE FITS ALL SOLUTION like other providers. In fact, we often combine the best technologies to achieve optimal results. At Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics, client satisfaction is our bottom line, because we care about our clients looking and feeling better. We take extreme pride in being a part of that positive change!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tattoo Removal at Perfect Body Laser

If you have already decided that you have a tattoo you want removed, now you have to decide whom to trust. Perfect Body Laser’s tattoo removal clients were all certain that they wanted to remove their unwanted tattoo as effectively as possible. They were also equally determined not to compromise their safety and health

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics specializes in laser tattoo removal in NY. A report by the FDA estimated that as many as 45 million Americans have tattoos. The report based the number on the finding by a Harris Interactive Poll in 2003 that 16 percent of all adults and 36 percent of people 25 to 29 had at least one tattoo. The poll also found that 30% percent of tattooed Americans regretted it.

At Perfect Body Laser, only the NEWEST and BEST lasers are used to shatter tattoo pigment into particles that are cleared by the body’s lymphatic system, naturally and with no downtime. Full removal takes an average of eight treatments, spaced at least a month apart, using different protocols for different-colored inks. Each treatment incrementally fades the tattoo. 

The Cynosure tattoo removal lasers are programmed to use precisely the right laser wavelengths to destroy the difficult to remove colored ink from within the epidermis without damaging the surrounding tissue. Unlike other tattoo removal lasers, the aesthetician using the Cynosure Revlite Si is able to make adjustments to target different colors. Easy to remove pigments like black and blue are often removed quickly, but the pesky greens, oranges and yellows can be very difficult to destroy using inferior Q-switched technology. Cynosure lasers are superior, consistent, safe and able to remove all colors, not just the easy ones.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Why Laser Hair Removal just might be worth ever penny?

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics offers the best laser hair removal in New York. Perfect Body Laser offers laser hair removal to Suffolk and Nassau Counties. We specialize in the permanent reduction of hair on all areas of the body with our proven laser hair removal systems. Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics uses only the best, and newest FDA approved lasers to make shaving a thing of the past. With our Cynosure, Elite MPX Laser Hair Removal System, our LightSheer® Duet, and our elōs® technologies, we are able to address all skin types, from black skin to light skin as well as tan skin. We can treat all color hairs, thin or thick. The Elite MPX, with multiplexing technology, and the Lightsheer Duet are the newest and best lasers in the world for laser hair removal. Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics is the smartest choice for laser hair removal on Long Island, period!

Take a look to see if Laser Hair Removal is worth it all

Don't be fooled by cheap, gimmick, bait and switch hair removal ads, or worse, laser hair removal offered by "coupon or Groupon”. COUPONS SHOULD BE USED ON GROCERIES, NOT YOUR SKIN! Most of these laser “spas” come and go, and do not stand the test of time, often undermining the intelligence of the clients they serve by offering inferior lasers and inexperienced technicians. These store front operations offer budget services to go with the budget pricing. In other words, when you consider laser hair removal at a price that's too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t be fooled by any other “Laser Hair Removal Guarantee”!
Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics is the only laser facility in New York to offer the EXCLUSIVE 10-YEAR, WRITTEN LASER HAIR REMOVAL GUARANTEE!  That's how confident we are that you will be 100% satisfied with our laser hair removal.


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Friday, August 14, 2015

Cavi-Lipo at Perfect Body Laser

Cavi-Lipo is the most evolved system for the treatment of adipose areas and cellulite.

Cavi-Lipo is one of the most advanced and efficient systems using Ultrasound Cavitation to breakdown fat cells. The released fat is then metabolized through the liver and natural means. Only a few treatments are needed for a brilliant performance. We help men and women with fat deposits on the belly, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, bra-edge, double chin etc. No injections or other interventions are needed, no anesthesia, no antibiotic treatment, and you can immediately return to your normal activities. The Cavi-Lipo method is new and revolutionary, and is likely to increasingly replace liposuction methods of surgical elements.

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics specializes in Cavi-Lipo on Long Island. Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics uses special techniques and premium CaviMelt™ conductive, hot body slimming gel to provide their Clients with the best results anywhere!  


- Decreased circumference in target area
- Enhanced body tone and contour/shape
- Improved skin tone and texture
- Blood circulation & lymphatic circulation
- Excellent cellulite therapy
- Connective tissue tightening
- Detoxification and Cleansing
- Full Body Oxygenation & Chromo therapy
- No Surgery
- No Anesthesia
- No Pain
- No Downtime

Unlike treatments such as Liposuction, Smart Lipo, Laser Lipo, Cool-sculpting  Vala shape, Zerona, Liposonix, Vasor-shape and many others Cavi-Lipo at Perfect Body Laser is an entirely different approach to fat reduction and body contouring on Long Island, NY. Cavi-Lipo is non-invasive and gives lasting results without the use of suction, freezing, pulling, bruising or discomfort and can treat the entire body including the neck and face area giving an instant lift with it's specially designed hand pieces other systems just don't offer. 

In some cases, CaviLipo isn’t a good fit. For these Clients, Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics offers an abundence of alternative choices.