Monday, December 30, 2013

Perfect Body Laser Tattoo Removal

Perfect Body Laser is Long Island's leader in tattoo removal. Perfect Body understands that each of our clients has their own needs based on tattoo size, ink type, ink depth, skin tone and a series of other personalized factors. Our consultations will provide you the peace of mind to make your decision about tattoo removal. From fading for tattoo cover-ups to erasing regret we have a tattoo removal solution for you.

Laser Tattoo Removal: Start with a clean slate in 2014!

Laser Tattoo Removal: Start with a clean slate to kick off the new year!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from the staff at Perfect Body Laser!

Happy Holidays from the staff at Perfect Body Laser!

The Effectiveness of Cosmetic Procedures Depends on Many Factors

The effectiveness of cosmetic procedures depends on many factors, including:

-- choice of the correct device for a given treatment

-- the training and skill of the person operating the device

-- the wavelength of the beam of energy that targets the tissue

-- the power settings used, the duration of each energy pulse, the amount of time between pulses, the number of pulses per treatment, and the number of treatments administered

-- the colour of the skin and/or hair of the person being treated

Here at PERFECT BODY LASER, we consider all of these factors and customize each treatment to each individual, ensuring the best results!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Perfect Body Or Perfect Smile?

Perfect Body Or Perfect Smile? Why choose? Have both!

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Revage 670 Laser Hair Rejuvenation is a highly effective and pain-free hair rejuvenation treatment for men and women with balding and thinning hair.

Over 15 years of clinical and scientific studies show that cool laser therapy with Revage 670 Laser Hair Rejuvenation can increase hair density by 40-60%. In addition, this hair restoration treatment has shown an85% success rate in halting the progression of hair loss.

Revage 670 Hair Rejuvenation treatment at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics is easy to work into a busy schedule as treatments take as little as 20 minutes. The initial hair rejuvenation course takes 18 weeks and 24 treatments, and results can last up to 3 years.

Revage 670 Hair Rejuvenation is clinically proven to painlessly stimulate dormant hair follicles into the active growth (anagen) phase while additionally stimulating cellular metabolism and protein synthesis, encouraging tissue regeneration, and increasing blood flow to the scalp.

Friday, December 13, 2013

In the Media

Exilis on ABC'S The View


As featured on The Today Show, The View and in Elle and W magazines, Exilis ELITE™a state-of-the-art, powerful, non-invasive, radio frequency (RF) device that provides thermal energy to break down fat deposits and tighten skin. No anesthesia, no prep time in advance of treatment, and no downtime when it's finished. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thermage CPT

Using the same trusted Thermage CPT technology, the revolutionary Thermage CPT Body Shape procedure can help you have flatter, smoother appearance on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and more. The Body Shape procedure is ideal for men and women who are looking to help firm sagging skin and reduce unwanted bulges that dieting and exercise alone cannot seem to change.

Thermage CPT is
- safe, effective and non-surgical
- fast & involves no downtime
- produces long-lasting, dramatic results
- reduces circumferential girth in arms, abdomen and legs
- safely reduces “hooding” in the eye area
- safely improves texture in the eye area
- safely “smoothes out & tones” the eye area
- softens fine lines & crow’s feet around the eyes
- reduces wrinkles & smoothes out skin
- helps redefine facial contours
- lifts sagging skin on arms, legs & buttocks
- may be effective on other body areas also
- can be used to skin on your hands

Thermage CPT is an FDA approved popular treatment today and we offer it here at Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics! 

Exilis Elite: Before & After!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Buyer Beware: The Facts About Laser Hair Removal on Long Island, New York

Photo: Courtesy of Cynosure Elite MPX
If you're considering laser hair removal, consider this: It's not always a sure thing. "Hair removal lasers aren't like point-and-shoot cameras," says Stephen Probst, MD, clinical director at Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics in Bay Shore, NY. The results can be great, but if you're treated with the wrong laser or if it's on the wrong setting, you won't get the maximum hair reduction (there's no such thing as total removal). And you might end up with burns, hyperpigmentation, even increased hair growth (this phenomenon may be seen in darker-skinned women who are being treated on the face, but the risk can be reduced by using a longer-wavelength laser). Many state medical boards allow non-physicians to use lasers, and there's little oversight of the many aestheticians performing treatments. For the most reliable results, see a specialist with a good reputation (who will charge you an average of $500 for one treatment). 


But wherever you go—a derm, a medispa, a gynecologist—be sure to ask these questions before "Where do I sign?" 

1. How many lasers are on the premises, and are they rented or owned? The more lasers a doctor or medispa has access to, the greater the likelihood you'll be treated with the safest, most effective one for your skin color and hair type. Be wary if machines are rented: Chances are the outfit is doing only a few procedures a month.

2. What lasers do you use for hair removal, which one is best for my skin, and why? The doctor or technician should be able to articulate why a particular laser is the best match for you (taking into account your skin tone, hair texture, and color) and any potential complications. Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics, a practice that owns more than 50 lasers, uses the alexandrite laser for hair removal most often; the diode and nd:Yag lasers are particularly effective as well. Intense pulsed light machines can also remove hair, but only on light skin, and the quality of those machines can vary. 

3. How many laser hair removal treatments have you performed? There's no standard "laser hair removal certification," so this is the best way to gauge a person's experience level. The answer should be at least a few hundred.

4. How many sessions will I need? The average number of visits necessary to see permanent hair reduction is four to six—but some people respond well in two sessions, and others need a dozen. That is why a "package deal" offered for laser hair removal is often more advantageous for the Client, especially when there is a guarantee, which is the case at Perfect Body Laser in Bay Shore, NY.

5. Can you treat me if I have a tan? If the answer is yes, GET OUT OF THERE, FAST!!! "The only way to treat tanned skin without causing burns is to use such low settings that treatment wouldn't be effective," says Stephen Probst, MD. 

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics has performed over 300,000 laser hair removal treatments.  Perfect Body Laser is the only laser center in New York to offer a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on all laser hair removal packages!

Visit: to schedule an appointment with a hair removal expert.


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Hot for the Holidays

Redefine your face and body with this non-invasive, fat-melting, skin-tightening innovation: Exilis

Perfect Body Laser & Aesthetics

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